Brook Suspension

We specialise in motorcycle suspension, we stock a huge range of the worlds best suspension products from the UK and overseas. We are one of the UK's largest suppliers of motorcycle suspension products from Koyo, NOK, K-Tech, Nitron and are an official K-tech Premier Dealer and Nitron Technical Centre so you can be sure to be receiving the very best technical advice from a supplier who understands what they are selling and doesn't just act as a middle man.

The most common question we are asked is 'Why are your prices so cheap when I have seen the products in my local dealers for much more' The answer is simply that we deal with the manufacturers direct, so you are not paying middle mens fees.The quality is certainly not an issue and to back that up we provide a 14 day return service if you are unhappy with the product.


Brook Suspension - Fork Rechroming and Rebuilds