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The tires of your car are forced to move up when you hit a bump-the springs would forcefully expand and compress, resulting to a bone jarring ride. It\'s a good thing, your car has been equipped with a suspension system that prevents your car from getting bouncy every time you hit a bump. Among the most important parts of your car\'s suspension system are the shocks. These car components lay an important role of absorbing the up and down motion generated by the springs. Aside from absorbing shocks, this suspension system part also serves the function of keeping your car controllable after a bump.

Your shocks work by forcing a piston through the hydraulic fluid, enabling it to convert the kinetic energy of the springs into thermal energy. This would make the springs expand more slowly, because the hydraulic fluid creates a sort of resistance to the springs.Shocks come in mono tube or twin tube designs. Mono tube shocks are comprised of one tube that is set up in an upside down position. On the other hand, twin tube shocks are made up of an outer and an inner tube. You will sooner or later need to replace your stock shocks with a new one when it gets damaged due to normal wear and tear.

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